Petal & Modelling Pastes

Petal/modelling Paste

To make realistic sugar flowers you need petal paste.It is an air drying paste which you must keep covered at all times otherwise it will dry too quickly. You can roll out petal paste thin enough so you can read through it so you can make realistic flowers

Petal/Modelling Paste

cake Star modelling paste 100g
( 75001 )

ntroducing a range of colourful pastes for modelling figures, flowers and other cake decorations from Cake Star. This white modelling paste is very easy to use on its own or with moulds as the paste is pliable during use and sets hard for a great finish. The white paste is an essential for cake decorators as it can be coloured as desired or used to highlight or create figures and models.  Simply knead the room temperature paste until soft and pliable and create your chosen model or press into a mould. The paste will set hard when left to dry for a few hours. 100g pack,   


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Renshaw Flower & Modelling paste WHITE
( 01942 )

A white modelling paste perfect for modelling and creating petals and flowers. The paste can also be coloured using food colouring pastes. Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Once open, wrap unused paste in a polythene bag and in an airtight plastic box pack 250g

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Renshaw flower paste White
( 02636 )

Renshaw Petal Paste is a fine silky smooth paste perfect for creating beautiful flowers and foliage. Suitable for making ultra fine lifelike flowers, leaves, bows and frills. Easy to work with without drying out too quickly making it ideal for delicate sugarcraft work. Takes colour well and can be dusted with shimmer

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Squires Kitchen SFP
( 5962 )

The country's best selling ready-made sugar flower paste. Ready for immediate use and packed in a re-sealable foil bag. Can be rolled extremely fine for intricate flower work. Pliable and quick-drying to guarantee excellent results. Can be coloured with paste colour or dusts Always use opened packets within one month. Keep well sealed and wrapped in a polythene bag and place in an airtight box to ensure the paste remains at its best. The paste can be frozen if required - simply cut into small pieces, wrap well and put back in the foil bag, then place in the freezer. Once flowers are made DO NOT put in airtight containers

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