Children's Novelty Ca

Children's Novelty Cakes Horncastle

Children's Novelty cakes Horncastle

Big days deserve a little extra celebration and that’s especially true when children are involved. See their faces brighten and their eyes light up with a custom-made novel cake from Horncastle Cake Art. We’re eager to design and make the cake of your kid’s dreams. Whether it’s a birthday, celebrating a milestone in their life, or something different, we can help you make it a truly special occasion.
Children’s Novelty Cakes from Horncastle
When you have a children’s novelty cake made to order with Horncastle Cake Art, you’re working with Lincolnshire’s top cake making and decorating specialists. As such, you can choose from a wide range of flavours, sizes, and designs, so you’re guaranteed to get the cake that you want.
From special messages to bright, colourful, and creative designs, we’re glad to make the cake that fits any special occasion. Simply get in touch, tell us what you need, and we will work with you to create the cake to your specification.
A huge range of styles
At Horncastle Cake Art, few things excite us more than the opportunity to make something brand new and exciting. If you want to see just a few examples of our novelty cakes, take a look at our gallery to see what we can do. We can work with any colour you like, any number of tiers, and any design you have in mind.
From superheroes to racing cars, beloved cartoon characters to castles, and even cakes that look like princesses, we can make any design to come to life with 3D cake and icing sculptures. We can also gladly incorporate edible photo printing and lettering, whether you want a special message or a visual reminder of what you’re celebrating.
If you’re not certain what design would make the perfect cake, take a look at the gallery for some inspiration. Or you can come visit our shop and see the display area for more ideas. We’re glad to help you figure out the perfect children’s novelty cake for the occasion.
The taste is important, too!
Cake decorating is our passion, here at Horncastle Cake Art, but that doesn’t mean we skimp on the flavour either. We regularly make sponge, chocolate, and fruit cakes, and we can make them to any size, including multiple tiers, if you want more than one flavour or you’re providing for a larger party.
If there are any flavours in particular that you would like us to use, or any dietary requirements that we should factor in when making your cake, don’t hesitate to mention it. We can’t guarantee we can fulfil every single request, but we will let you know what we can do.
Order your children’s novelty cakes from Horncastle today
Have an idea for a design that would make for a fantastic looking cake? Or perhaps you want to add an extra special celebration to a little loved one’s day, but you don’t know how? Get in touch with Horncastle Cake Art and we will make sure you end up with an unforgettable cake one way or another.