Personalised Edible Printed Icing Toppers UK

Edible printed icing toppers are a hit in the UK for personalising cakes and cupcakes. These custom toppers let you design unique looks. You can use them for birthdays, weddings, or any special day to make your cakes stand out.

They come with benefits like making cake decorating easy and adding a professional feel. Plus, they help match your cake with the celebration’s theme. Let’s dive into what makes these edible toppers special.

Key Takeaways:

What are Edible Printed Icing Toppers?

Edible printed icing toppers make cakes and cupcakes special. They use edible icing sheets for printing. You can add designs, logos, photos, or messages to your treats.

These toppers are safe to eat. They use high-quality materials for bright and detailed prints.

Are you marking a special moment or promoting your brand? Edible icing toppers are perfect. They add a professional and eye-catching touch to your desserts.

A Versatile Decoration Option

Edible printed icing toppers add a unique touch to cakes and cupcakes. They’re perfect for any celebration or to support a cause.

“The ability to fully customize these toppers allows for endless possibilities, limited only by your imagination. The edible printed icing toppers can be used to showcase your creativity and showcase your unique style.”

Choose from many designs or create your own. With these toppers, your treats can be unique and personal. You’re free to design desserts that people will remember.

How to Order Personalised Edible Printed Icing Toppers in the UK

Ordering personalised edible printed icing toppers in the UK is easy. It lets you add a unique touch to your cakes and cupcakes. These toppers are great for any event, like birthdays, weddings, or others.

Selecting the Design

The first step is to pick the design for your toppers. You can choose from ready-made designs or upload your own artwork, logo, photo, or message. This customisation lets you create toppers just how you want them.

Providing the Necessary Details

After choosing the design, you need to share some details. Tell them the size, shape, colours, and any other special requests for your toppers. It’s important to check everything to make sure it’s all correct.

Placing the Order

With the design and details set, it’s time to order. You can do this online, by email, or in person at a bakery. This makes getting your personalised toppers easy and quick.

Ordering personalised edible printed icing toppers in the UK is straightforward. It lets you make beautiful and unique cake decorations for any event. With just a few steps, you can see your ideas come to life.

Ordering your toppers, whether online or in a store, is smooth and hassle-free in the UK. So, why not give it a try today? Add a special touch to your cakes and cupcakes with these personalised toppers.

Benefits of Using Edible Printed Icing Toppers

Using edible printed icing toppers has many pluses for your cakes and cupcakes. Let’s look at the gains:

1. Personalisation:

With edible printed icing toppers, you can add your unique touch. You might be making a birthday cake, wedding cupcakes, or celebrating an anniversary. You get to pick a perfect design, logo, photo, or message for the event.

2. Convenience:

Getting and using edible printed icing toppers is very convenient. You can find lots of designs online and order easily from home. They’re also easy to put on, which saves time and makes decorating your treats simpler.

Edible printed icing toppers are a simple way to make your cakes and cupcakes look pro. And you don’t need to be a cake expert to do it. This means you don’t have to worry about complex decorations and can still get impressive results.

3. Professional Finish:

Edible printed icing toppers give your cakes a neat, pro look. The prints are sharp, colourful, and top-notch quality. These toppers make your sweets stand out with their beautiful and striking appearance.

Adding edible printed icing toppers to your baking tools is a great move. You get distinct personalisation, ease, and a professional look. They are a valued asset for both beginner and expert bakers.

Different Types of Edible Printed Icing Toppers

Edible printed icing toppers are great for decorating cakes and cupcakes. They come in many themes, suitable for any event or personal style. Thus, there’s a lot to explore in the UK.

Pre-designed Toppers

Pre-designed toppers are available in popular themes. You can find characters, animals, sports, and more. These toppers are ready to use, making decorating quick and easy.

Custom Toppers

Custom toppers let you add a personal touch. You can design them to fit your event perfectly. This could be a special message, a favourite photo, or even a logo.

Character Toppers

Character toppers bring fun and nostalgia. They feature cartoon heroes and similar favourites. They’re perfect for kids’ parties or any fun occasion.

Themed Toppers

Themed toppers match specific events like weddings or birthdays. They can add elegance or fun to your celebration. They truly bring the theme alive on your cake.

Photo Toppers

Photo toppers are a popular choice. They let you use your favourite photos. Perfect for memorable events like birthdays or anniversaries.

With so many edible toppers to choose from, you can always make your desserts unique. They’re great for any kind of celebration. Whether you pick pre-made designs or go for custom, these toppers will wow your guests.

How to Apply Edible Printed Icing Toppers

Edible printed icing toppers add a unique touch to cakes and cupcakes. They let you make your creations special for birthdays, weddings, and more. Applying them is easy and can make your treats look fantastic.

Follow these steps for a smooth application of edible printed icing toppers:

  1. Prepare your cake or cupcake: First, bake and cool your treats. Make sure the top is clean without any crumbs or mess.
  2. Select the right topper size: Measure your cake or cupcake’s top to pick the correct topper size. Think about if you want it to cover everything or just part of it.
  3. Trim the topper: Trim the icing topper to fit with scissors. Be accurate to match your cake’s shape perfectly.
  4. Prepare the surface: Your cake must have a smooth and clean top. If not, add a thin layer of frosting to create a smooth base for the topper.
  5. Moisten the surface: Dampen the spot where the topper will go. A little water with a brush or spray helps the topper stick well.
  6. Apply the topper: Peel the topper’s backing and place it gently on the cake. Smooth it out from one end to the other to remove wrinkles and bubbles.
  7. Smooth out the topper: Use a hand or fondant smoother to press the topper down. Make sure the edges stick well.
  8. Finishing touches: Add extra details like piping or glitter for a special touch if you like.

Tip: For cakes with tiers, apply the topper to each layer before stacking. It makes it easier and safer.

By following these steps, you can make your cakes and cupcakes look amazing with edible icing toppers. Take your time, and enjoy making your treats unique.

Edible Printed Icing Toppers for Special Occasions

Special occasions like birthdays and weddings call for a personal touch. Edible printed icing toppers are perfect for this. They make cakes and cupcakes more special. You can add photos, messages, or designs to these toppers.

This makes your treats unique and unforgettable. These toppers let you match your dessert to any theme. From floral weddings to superhero parties, your cakes can fit in beautifully.

Adding toppers is simple. You just apply them gently to your dessert. They stick well to various types of frosting. This includes buttercream, fondant, and chocolate.

They bring the theme to life, add a personal touch, and are easy to use. Edible printed icing toppers are a top pick for any celebration. They help make your event stand out. Whether a special birthday or a big wedding, they are sure to impress.

Tips for Choosing the Right Edible Printed Icing Toppers

Choosing the right edible printed icing toppers is important for your cakes or cupcakes. You need to think about the design, size, and colours carefully. These choices will make sure your sweet treats look great. Here’s some advice to pick the best ones:

  1. Consider the occasion: Think about what the event is. Is it a birthday, wedding, or something else? This helps you choose a design that fits the celebration perfectly.
  2. Personalization: You can make your toppers unique by adding names or special dates. Choose a supplier that lets you do this. It will make your cakes or cupcakes extra special.
  3. Design compatibility: The design of the topper should match your cake or cupcakes. Whether it’s simple or colourful, pick one that goes well with the whole look. This makes your creation more appealing.
  4. Size matters: The topper’s size should fit the size of your sweet treats. Too big and it will look odd, too small and it might not be seen. Find a topper that’s just the right size.
  5. Colour coordination: Your topper’s colours should go with your cake or cupcakes. Choose shades that work well with the frosting and other decorations.

Choosing the right toppers can make your cakes and cupcakes stand out. It will make your guests remember your treats.

Think about the event, customise the design, make sure it suits the theme, pick the right size, and match the colours. These steps will guide you to the perfect edible printed icing toppers.

Care and Storage of Edible Printed Icing Toppers

To keep your edible printed icing toppers fresh, follow these tips. Make sure your toppers always look new when you’re ready to use them. Here’s how to handle, pack, and store them well:

  1. Handle with care: Keep your hands clean and dry when you touch the toppers. Try not to touch the printed side much to avoid damage.
  2. Package them securely: Store the toppers between parchment or wax paper to keep them safe. Don’t use plastic wrap or bags, as they can make the toppers sticky or change colour.
  3. Store in a cool, dry place: Keep the toppers in a cool, dry spot away from sun and damp. Too much heat or moisture might hurt them.
  4. Avoid refrigeration or freezing: It’s not good to refrigerate or freeze the toppers, even if it seems like a good idea. Moisture can make them go soft and hard to use.
  5. Use within the recommended timeframe: These toppers don’t last forever, so use them when they’re still good. Follow any storage advice that comes with them or from the seller.

Looking after your edible print toppers right keeps them looking perfect. These easy steps help your toppers stay fresh and colourful until you need them for your event!

Follow simple advice for handling, packing, and keeping your icing toppers fresh and pretty. Always check the tips your seller gives to make the most of your toppers. They’ll make your cakes look amazing with a little care.

Where to Buy Personalised Edible Printed Icing Toppers in the UK

Looking for a place to buy personalised edible printed icing toppers in the UK? You’ve got choices. You can buy them online, or find them at a local bakery. Both options let you get creative with cake decorating.

Online Retailers

Buying online is easy and handy for getting personalised edible icing toppers. You can look at lots of designs and customise them from home. Just search online for stores that sell what you need.

Cake Decorating Supply Stores

Love shopping in person and getting ideas from hands-on experience? Then, a local cake decorating supply store might be for you. These places are full of toppers you can see and touch. Plus, you can get advice from staff who know their stuff.

Local Bakeries

Local bakeries can also help you get the personalised icing toppers you want. Many offer custom decorating services for cakes and cupcakes. This often includes adding your own unique toppers. Contact your local bakeries to see what they can do for you.

Don’t forget to ask around for advice on where to buy the best toppers. Your friends, family, or other cake lovers might have tips from their own shopping experiences.

When you’re ready to buy, think about how and when you’ll get your toppers, how much they cost, and the choices for their design. Also, browse customer reviews to make sure you pick the best ones for your cakes. Happy decorating!


Custom edible printed icing toppers are an amazing addition to cakes and cupcakes. They allow you to put your unique stamp on your baking. You can choose designs, logos, photos, or messages that fit the occasion or someone’s likes. They are easily available in the UK.

Adding personalised toppers can make your cake the star at any event. From birthdays to weddings, these toppers can make your cake look special and unforgettable.

These toppers not only make your sweets look good, but they also give them a professional touch. The printing is top-quality, and they are simple to put on. So, anyone can use them, whether you’re a pro baker or just love baking at home.


What are Edible Printed Icing Toppers?

Edible printed icing toppers are sheets made for cakes. You can customise them with designs, logos, or photos. They’re a fun way to decorate cakes for any event.

How to Order Personalised Edible Printed Icing Toppers in the UK?

Ordering is simple. Choose a design and share the details. You can order online or visit a local store offering this service.

What are the Benefits of Using Edible Printed Icing Toppers?

They make cakes uniquely yours. Adding a personal touch is easy. They also bring ease and a professional look to your baked goods.

What are the Different Types of Edible Printed Icing Toppers?

You can pick from pre-set designs or create your own. They can fit any party theme. This gives your dessert a special and custom look.

How to Apply Edible Printed Icing Toppers?

It’s as easy as peel and place. Carefully put the topper on your cake. Smooth it out to remove air bubbles and ensure it sticks.

How Can Edible Printed Icing Toppers Enhance Special Occasions?

They make events like birthdays and weddings more personal. Customise them to match your celebration’s theme. A great way to make sweets stand out.

What Should I Consider When Choosing Edible Printed Icing Toppers?

Think about design, size, and colours. Make sure they match your cake’s look and feel. Choose toppers that fit your style and theme well.

How Should I Care for and Store Edible Printed Icing Toppers?

Keep them clean and dry when handling. Store in an airtight container with a moisture absorber. Keep them cool and out of sunlight for the best care.

Where Can I Buy Personalised Edible Printed Icing Toppers in the UK?

Look online or in stores for cake decorating supplies. These toppers are also available at bakeries and local decorating shops. You’ll find plenty of choices.


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